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Protecting our history, planning our future
A Neighbourhood Plan for Meriden…online survey now available

Meriden Neighbourhood plan Survey 2016, protecting our history, planning our future

When we asked you to vote on a strapline for Meriden’s Neighbourhood Plan, ‘Protecting our history, planning our future’ was the most popular amongst all age groups.

The survey is now available online using this link:

It will also be delivered to your door in early June asking for your views on our future.

Please help develop our future in Meriden by completing this survey by 30 June.

If you need help / support in completing it, please contact the clerk and we can arrange for a volunteer to help you.

The Localism Act enables local communities to develop their own Neighbourhood Plans which the local authority must then consider when determining planning applications.


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Beechwood Recycling

Following materials published regarding the Beechwood Recycling development, we want to provide you with an update about what promises to be a positive project for the local community.

Firstly from Cllr Dicicco SMBC:

"I have read the leaflet being circulated to residents of Meriden concerning the proposed biomass plant, with a mix of anger and incredulity. The scurrilous claims being made by UKIP have no basis in fact and are purely designed to scare local people. The proposed biomass plant will have to meet very stringent emissions regulations set by the Environment Agency - if it didn't it would be shut down. I believe that the plant will offer a number of advantages to the local area in terms of employment and reducing the amount of our rubbish sent to landfill, which in turn causes problems to local people. I support the Meriden Parish Council and SMBC Planning Committee decision to support this proposed development".

Myth Busting– These are the facts that have been outlined in the planning application and are publicly available. It is unfortunate that distortion of the facts serves merely to promote confusion and uncertainty. This is extremely unhelpful for all of us.

  • The project will have minimal impact on air quality locally
  • The maximum emissions of 33 micrograms per cubic metre from the exhaust flue are defined as "low". Similar facilities with similar fuel input show emissions for this plant are likely to run at around 0.3micrograms per cubic metre
  • Emissions at this level would not come close to reaching local properties
  • The plant will comply with the very highest air quality standards set out in the Industrial Emissions Directive. This is a very onerous standard and ensures protection of local environment and people
  • By abiding by the IED and using state of the art filtration technology, the plant will not generate the toxic emissions produced by hazardous waste incineration facilities
  • The feedstock will comprise recycled wood that does not include hazardous compounds
  • The plant will incorporate the best available technology, to ensure it is able to meet the challenging standards set within the IED
  • The only ash produced will be comprehensively managed at source, meaning it will have no impact on air quality
  • The plant will have a Continuing Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) which actively responds to ensure emissions remain low

A message from Beechwood Recycling regarding its recycling and renewable energy development at Meriden Quarry:

We have been working closely with local people and specialist organisations to develop a state of the art facility which will create clean, renewable energy from sources of waste, with significant emphasis on respect for the environment and low emissions.

The Parish Council, the Meriden Liaison Committee and Solihull Council all recognise the need for sustainable sources of energy and alternatives to landfill. We have also consulted with Public Health England, the Environment Agency and Solihull’s Highways team, as well as local people over the last six months and the project has received no formal objections. We would like to thank all those who have engaged with this democratic process.

The commitment to spend over £14m in the development of the scheme will make a significant local contribution, creating approximately 200 jobs in the construction phase and 20 permanent operational positions. Once completed it will provide the region with a high quality facility – using the best available technology – to support efforts to recycle more and send less waste to landfill for years to come.

As so many people have recognised, facilities like this have a crucial role to play in delivering a cleaner, sustainable future for Meriden and Solihull.

We encourage anyone with any questions to get in touch with us directly and will be engaging with all political candidates to explain the positive impact the project will have.

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Local Plan Review 2016

The Parish Council met for a Development Day on 9th January 2016 attended by Cllr Ian Courts, Deputy Leader of Solihull MBC & Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Managed Growth, and Maurice Barlow, Principal Planning Officer, Policy and Spatial Planning, who provided a briefing session on the consultation process for the Local Plan Review. Please see below for your comments to be recorded with links attached to the Local Plan Review Consultation.

Reviewing the Plan for Solihull’s Future – Scope, Issues and Options Consultation.

It is important that councils have an up-to-date local plan in place. This is so that the development needed for their area can be met whilst preserving its character. The production of a local plan allows communities to shape the way that their area changes and is used.

The Council’s existing local plan was adopted in 2013 and is now in need of review. The consultation marks the start of the process. The consultation responses will help the Council prepare a draft plan with a preferred option in 2016. A final version of the reviewed local plan will be published in 2017, before it is examined by an independent Inspector.

All responses should be made in writing by Friday 22nd January 2016, either by post or email, to the following address:


Post: Policy & Spatial Planning
Solihull MBC
Council House
Manor Square
Solihull B91 3QB

If you have any further queries please contact Spatial Planning on 0121 704 8000 or email

Relevant documents available for download:

Local Plan Review Response Form 2016
Local Plan Review Consultation 2016 (Full document - 86 pages)
Local Plan Review Consultation 2016 (Summary document - 14 pages)
Meriden Sites, Local Plan Review 2016

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Further to recent reports in the press regarding latest planning application for Meriden Quarry, please see the following Parish Council statement, and attached documents submitted to SMBC Planning.

Project: Advice on Planning Application - PL/2015/52078/PPFL
Date: 19 November 2015
Site - Meriden Quarry, Cornets End Lane, Meriden
Proposal - Construction of an in-vessel composting (IVC) facility, biomass energy facility and waste water treatment plant including 3 No. weighbridges, weighbridge office, 2 No. car parks, coach park, outside learning space and office/education facility.

  • Solihull MBC Planning advised the Quarry Liaison Group that meets quarterly of proposed application in September 2015. Hampton PC and Meriden PC sit on this and we also have a local representative from both areas on this group
  • Public notified on all Parish Council Noticeboards that the Agent was to attend October's PC meeting for Presentation of Proposed Planning Application for Biomass Energy Facility
  • Meriden PC Planning Consultant appointed to provide advice and formal response on behalf of the Parish Council as we did not have the technical knowledge
  • Site visit requested and arranged with Applicant & Agent on 5th November 2015 for Meriden and Hampton PCs, District Cllr Bell and Quarry Representatives
  • Resident Representative from Quarry Liaison Group & Clerk worked on letter to planning outlining conditions together with Planning Consultant Advice (attached for ease of reference)
  • Meriden PC letter submitted to planning with conditions attached together with Planning Consultant advice.
  • On-going liaison with Planning Officers, Environment Agency, Applicant, Agent and Land Owner for mitigation & conditions re dust, noise, traffic management, odour & leachate
  • Applicant attended Quarry Liaison meeting in December 2015. Further concerns raised and recorded formally at meeting with request for Environment Agency report and attendance
  • Planning Committee hearing on 5 January 2016
  • Documents & Parish Council outlined conditions re-submitted to Ward Cllr David Bell as Chair of Planning Committee
  • Awaiting decision
  • Meeting requested with Applicant and Agent to finalise conditions and mitigation

Cllr Rosie Weaver, Vice Chair, Clerk Barbara Bland and Quarry Representative, are all happy to speak to any residents and take questions either by emailing or calling the Parish Council office on 01676 522474.

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The Parish Clerk, Barbara Bland, is now CiLCA qualified

The Parish Clerk, Barbara Bland, is now CiLCA qualified

Congratulations to Meriden’s newly qualified clerk. The Parish Clerk, Barbara Bland, is now CiLCA qualified. Two years of hard studies sets the Parish Council on the path for Quality Parish Council status embarking on attaining The Quality Award and provided Barbara the opportunity to attend her first Society of Local Council Clerks National Conference in Hinckley.

The Local Council Award Scheme exists to celebrate the successes of the very best local councils, and to provide a framework to support all local councils to meet their full potential. Meriden Parish Council wants to serve their local community and make a real difference to the lives of people that live here. The scheme offers the council the opportunity to show that it meets the standards set by the sector, assessed by their peers, and to put in place the conditions for continued improvement. The Quality Award demonstrates that a council achieves good practice in governance, community engagement and council improvement.

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A&A Recycling – Meriden Fire

Following the recent fire at the wood recycling site on Meriden Quarry A&A Recycling Services Ltd have responded to local resident's concerns by issuing an open letter.
To read this letter click here.

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HS2 Environmental Statement consultation

You can read the parish council’s response to this consultation here ...

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Birmingham Airport

A £40M investment has been committed to airport planning and extension. The design of the flight paths was due to new navigation and tracking devices that no longer supported the Hampton Turn. Public consultation was undertaken in 2013 with Meriden residents in the Village Hall.

Currently there are a number of trials on-going at different airports nationally transitioning from ground based navigation to satellite navigation or RVAV (area navigation), with Birmingham Airport as an early adopter. Birmingham Airport’s trials will commence in April 2014. There are currently 6,000 flights of which 15% will adopt the new route flying at 6-8,000 feet.

Birmingham Airport stressed to the parish council the importance of communicating with residents and they advised this can be via a dedicated community Twitter account @bhx_community, their website , a community impact programme providing feedback subscribing to community impact email alerts at and their environmental helpline 0121 767 7433.

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Meriden Sports Park

We are dismayed to announce that a line of 12 young Ash trees inside the sports park have Ash Dieback disease.

From Thursday 21 November 2013, the worst affected were removed and the remainder will go next week.

We need to ascertain if the disease has been windblown to others on the land bordering the park and Strawberry Fields.

Sad day.

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