Meriden Neighbourhood Development Plan – Revised timetable

Stage 3 – Pre-Submission Version

  • Health check review of draft NP by Avon Planning and SMBC                  Jun-Jul 2019
  • Statutory consultation of pre-submission version (Regulation 14)           Sep-Oct 2019
  • Analysis, summary and tabulation of consultation responses                  Nov 2019
  • Amendments and modifications to pre-submission version                     Dec 2019
  • Basic Conditions Statement (required)                                                          Jan 2020
  • Consultation Statement (required)                                                                 Jan 2020

Neighbourhood Planning

Following Cabinet’s approval of Meriden Parish as the designated area for Meriden’s Neighbourhood Plan, the parish council held its inaugural working group meeting on Tuesday 21 April 2015.

What’s in a Neighbourhood Plan?

    • Objectives to meet the vision of the Plan
    • Policies to achieve the objectives
    • Explanatory text to support the policies

Policies can include areas such as:

  • Housing and employment allocations, housing mix to meet community needs
  • Protection of important community facilities and promoting new ones
  • Protection of open spaces, playing fields and greens
  • Drainage and flood prevention
  • High quality design, conservation of historical assets
  • Promotion of walking and cycling routes
  • Protection of allotments and promotion of new growing space
  • Renewable energy and minerals extraction

What’s in it for us?

5 reasons why you should have a Neighbourhood Plan

  • Unprecedented opportunity to make your voice heard through the production of a binding set of planning policies
  • Gives you a lot more influence and control over the development of your area
  • Allows you to develop criteria and choose which sites are allocated for what kind of development and how that development should look
  • Helps you to deliver real, tangible, benefits for your area e.g. new homes for local people and the protection of open spaces for future generations to enjoy
  • Facilitates community cohesion through tackling local issues and aspirations which may otherwise be overlooked by SMBC

Neighbourhood Plans are parish council led but should operate outside of our standing orders. This means that community involvement is essential. The working group will meet monthly and we welcome more residents and local businesses to join us. To find out more, contact the Chair, Cllr Rosie Weaver,of the working group at

For more information on what is a Neighbourhood Plan, click here. You can also read the presentation from our planning consultant here.

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

Find out more …

Designation of the Meriden Neighbourhood Area

Read notification letter …

Progress so far

In 2014 and 2015 the working group consulted with members of the public on a proposed strapline for our Neighbourhood Plan. ‘Protecting our history, planning our future’ was the most popular. We also asked them to define ‘three things’ they like about Meriden, and ‘three things’ they would change.

You can read the community results here and Meriden pupils of the Heart of England School results here.

In 2015 we received a Locality grant to help us prepare the plan. We consulted further with the public with a survey which was distributed to all households in 2016 and you can read the results here.

In September 2016 we asked the community to take a straw poll on the possible 12 call for sites which could be considered in Solihull’s Draft Local Plan. You can read the results here. At the moment, Solihull Council are proposing just 50 houses on the old garage/caravan site on Birmingham Road and land adjacent to the Firs.

The results of our business survey are now in.  You can read the results here.

Thereafter, we will start to prepare our Draft Neighbourhood Plan which will then go to a community referendum in 2018.

Meriden’s Housing Need Survey and Neighbourhood Plan revised timeline

Locality funding was provided in 2018 to secure a door-to-door Housing Need Survey which took place in July with the results received in August.  This was to be supplemented by Locality’s technical support team to undertake a desktop researched Housing Needs Assessment, the draft of which was received in late October and is currently being amended.

Our Housing Needs Survey was shared with Solihull Council in December 2018 and was deemed sound and robust. At the parish council’s EGM on 7 January 2019, members approved the Housing Needs Survey results which you can read here.

An independent assessment of our Local Green Spaces was undertaken in October 2018 funded by Locality, which will be included in our Neighbourhood Plan.  Our draft submission plan currently contains 26 policies on housing, the natural environment, built environment, local community, local economy and transport and three aspirations, referred to as projects, on road safety, removing street sign clutter, traffic management and public transport.