Planning applications

At each monthly parish council meeting we discuss local planning applications sent to us by Solihull MBC. Remember, we only make a recommendation to Solihull MBC Planning Committee and it is this committee that makes the final decision. Often we refer the applications to a neighbourhood notification. We are also consulted for other reasons e.g. existing site use, noise, smell and fumes, environmental features, Green Belt, Conservation Area, Impact on neighbour viability, public rights of way, sustainability. You can have your say by visiting the planning application page on

The Solihull MBC website, anybody to access information relating to planning applications. You can view the weekly planning list of new applications, all documentation relating to individual applications, decision notices etc. From the home page select “Planning Services” from the quicklinks on the left. Then select “Development Control and Planning Applications”. If you do not have access to a computer at home, the computers in the library can be used.