LM on behalf of HS2 – Notice of traffic rerouting around Northway Island from 12 April for two months                      LM on behalf of HS2 – Flyer of traffic rerouting around Northway Island from 12 April for two months

On 6 April, we shared with you details of traffic rerouting around Northway Island from 12 April 2021, to the end of the year, being carried out by LM (Laing O’Rourke and J. Murphy & Sons) on behalf of HS2. We can confirm that this traffic rerouting will now take place for two months from 5am on Monday 12 April.

The type and location of these works has not altered, only its duration.

Please see the revised notification attached for full details. On this occasion, we have also attached a flyer that has also been revised. 

Please share this revised information with your employees, tenants and/or customers as required via your various communications channels. If you receive questions or enquiries about our works, please encourage people to subscribe for news updates on HS2 works in Solihull at www.hs2insolihull.co.uk. Where possible, please use the following text to promote our communications channels:

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