Meriden Quarry Liaison Committee

Updates for the Quarry Liason Meetings will begin again in January 2021 and a updated list of Operators will be attached

Contact List for Operators

Quarrymen meet our representatives
Following lobbying from our Parish Council, Barbara Bland and Rosie Weaver, and an initiative by senior representatives of Tarmac, a Quarry Liaison Group has now been set up to liaise between the landowners of the Meriden Quarries being The Packington Estate and Harcourt Estate, representatives of the Parish Council in Meriden and Hampton-in-Arden, a local resident representative, officers from Solihull MBC comprising Planning, Highways and Neighbourhood Co-ordinator, and operators including Lafarge Tarmac, NRS Wastecare, Coleman, Tarmac Building Products and Hope Ready-Mix Concrete.


Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis and the meetings will be chaired by your District Councillor David Bell. Your Parish Council representatives are Cllr Rosie Weaver and Clerk, Barbara Bland. Your resident representative is Lynn Parker.

It is clear from our initial meeting that there is goodwill and a willingness to cooperate with the local community who after all have to put up with the inconvenience of lorry movements, particularly with the expansion of quarry operations and the imminent commencement of restorative works to Area G (Birmingham Road). However within the planning permissions a designated route agreed by the landowners, quarry operators and SMBC Planning and Highways Officers, stipulates NO lorries should be using the upper reaches of Cornets End Lane, neither should they use routes through either of the neighbouring villages. Nipping down for fish and chips to Meriden Green or using Meriden as a “short cut” is not a valid excuse and those lorry drivers who decide on this action will be penalised.
Not all lorries in this area go to the quarries and one user has yet to come on board and join this Committee